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TitleWorld Canals Conference BBQ
Place namePaper Mill Island
Date startSep 27 2017 05:00pm (420 Days Ago)
Date endSep 27 2017 08:00pm (419 Days Ago)

Upstate Cookout
Wednesday, September 27, 2017,
Paper Mill Island, Baldwinsville

Enjoy the end of summer and the last night of the conference with a traditional upstate BBQ picnic featuring authentic fare, craft beverages, and Finger Lakes wines.

Tickets are available for purchase for the public as one-day participants and delegates who want to bring friends ($65).

• On the Menu: Pulled Pork, Chicken Speedies, Gianelli Sausage, Utica Greens, Syracuse Salt Potatoes, Corn on the Cob
• Cash bar


For more information go to World Canals Conference 2017.

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